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Style: Silver - XOXO Diamond Crystal Rings In Rose Gold And Silver Tones


⏩ Top Quality Product

The XOXO Rings..They say that the XOXO sign represents Hugs and Kisses.. When two lovers are seen hugging and kissing from a bird's eye view , the hug looks like an O and the kiss looks like the X..Wear this one as your promise ring and it will remind you both to hug , kiss and makeup if you ever get mad at your loved one..Get XOXO ..get the message of love.. Details: Made from base metal with Polished Gold and Silver with Anti-Tarnish coating.It comes in sizes: 7, 8 and 9.Select from RoseGold and Silver tones or both and stack them with our existing rings for a modern appeal. Each sold individually.It comes in a gift pouch, great for gift giving.