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Custom: Silver - Message Of Love Butterfly And Diamond Crystal Earring And Clip


⏩ Top Quality Product

Are you thinking what we are thinking? Why some girls act like butterflies? We do not deny that they are beautiful, but why are they always playing so hard to catch?  If you have tried everything else to express your love try this. When you see a beautiful butterfly fluttering in the garden kissing a flower, go close gently and whisper a Message Of Love to the butterfly and then see it fly to find your lady love, softly cling on to her and whisper your message in her ear.We guarantee your Message of Love will get a positive reply soon..DETAILS: It is made of 18 kt Gold plating and 925 Silver plating.A Butterfly flutters along the glimmer of 3 tiny Diamond Crystals.Easy to wear and take off , It comes with a lever back post and the Butterfly back has a clip on ring that securely hugs the ear.Great for gift giving, it comes in a velvet pouch.You get one with one order, it is made for left ear. (each tone and quantity sold separately).