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Patina Earrings In Bronze Finish With Age-Old Rustic Charm - Style: Copper


⏩ Top Quality Product

Patina Earrings In Bronze with Golden disks in antique finish..The earrings give a feeling like the old stories that make us nostalgic.. Like that old house we all love to visit.. You remember the wooden swing on the porch which is now weathered over the years, the metal door that got rusty and bronzy with the rain and salty air and one loving face that smiles through the wrinkles earned over the years.. There is definitely something special to these things that draws us to it's acquired Patina.. Mix old with new.. Wear Patina with a flowery dress or a basic black tee and your favorite jeans..DETAILS:The earrings are made of Bronze with Golden Disk in each earring.They have antiqued handmade feel to them.Hypoallergenic hooks. They come in gift pouch.                      ***Each earring is unique***